What Artists Should Have in Their Websites

The world has gone digital, and most people are now accessing information through their mobile devices. That is why artists should consider having a website if they want to make money from their art. If you wish your website to have an edge, some of the things that you should have are as follows.

Samples of your work

If you want people to either contract you as an artist or buy your products, you should have samples that they can see. People want to know what to expect, especially if you are in creative art such as photography, writing, painting, and drawing. Make sure that you have a watermark or defining feature on your samples to prevent people from stealing them.

About page

Think of your website as the first point of contact people have with you. They should know what you are all about and what you do. Your about page should be concise and catchy for them to feel your personality.

Contact Details

Have all your contact details on your site for people who want to reach out and engage with you. Having contact details show that you are reliable and your site is legitimate.